Who We Are

The Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma, CANVAS, is a dynamic organization comprised of outstanding leaders in the hospitality community. CANVAS Members continually provide guests to Napa and Sonoma with the best possible experiences. We are proud to have such dedicated and loyal individuals participating in the programs facilitated by CANVAS that benefit our Community.

These Professional Recommenders are also the voice of CANVAS – The Experience Magazine (Canvassing Wine Country). The magazine presents a fresh and unprecedented approach to discovering and telling stories about personalities, innovators, creators, wineries, destinations and businesses that woven together create the fabric of wine country. With this innovative and inquisitive editorial mission the voice, style and access of the magazine is unlike any prior wine country publication.

Colby moved to Napa Valley in 2005, where she immediately embraced the hospitality community by becoming a Concierge at Villagio Inn & Spa. (Now Hotel Villagio.) It was the perfect environment for her to share her enthusiasm for Wine Country with visitors. After almost four years at the desk, wanting to do more, she and Monica Stevens (who was with the organization for the first year) spawned the idea of creating a support organization for the hospitality community, and the Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley was formed.

The addition of Sonoma County

After a year and a half Colby reached out to incorporate Sonoma, promoting a broader region and pride in the uniqueness of each County. With that the name evolved to CANVAS, Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma. She has grown the organization to over 900 members and developed a great number of programs that align, connect and educate the important people who serve our visiting guests.

CANVAS – The Experience Magazine (Canvassing Wine Country)

After 10 years Colby extended outward to consumers from the voice and expertise of the region’s hospitality insiders who influence Wine Country experiential decisions. Now reaching Wine Country enthusiasts this original approach to wine country editorial coverage has an innovative and inquisitive editorial mission. Our contributing story tellers include long-published contributing writers and photographers. The visual messaging of this publication is also a signature element.

Colby’s Past

But, what was she doing before she moved to Napa Valley?

Colby has worked as a business, marketing and communications consultant for over 20 years.

She founded and ran a web development company in 1995 until 2006, where she strategized web projects for both corporate and start-up companies integrating web marketing, branding and revenue models. Because of her prior marketing background her focus was helping her clients use the web to maximize their marketing objectives.

The common theme for her businesses and speaking engagements has always been “Relationship Marketing”.

Prior to her involvement in the Internet, Colby owned a Public Relations firm in New York, which represented a range of image conscious clients nationally and internationally, including Gianni Versaci and Revillon Furs, jewelry and cosmetics firms and a variety of top restaurants.

Earlier in Los Angeles she was active in the film industry for many years as Production Manager and Producer for both feature films and commercials. She’s been an actress, model, and even a stunt woman!

Colby has authored a series of audio cassettes on “Managing Change & Transition”, and another called “Divorce-Where Do I Grow From Here”.

When she moved to Napa, she found a wonderful little house in the middle of the vineyards and is enjoying the finches, quail, her chickens and her two loving rescue cats. “Life is grand.”

Colby is on the Board of Directors of the Annual Wine Tourism Conference and The Board of Advisors for the California State Universities Hospitality Management Education Initiative. She has also been a recent Judge with the Great Wine Capitals of the World.