[blue_large]Los Carneros AVA[/blue_large]

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Year established 1992
Climate Cool, with prevailing marine winds from the San Pablo Bay and through the Petaluma Gap to the west. High temperatures during summer rarely exceed 80°F (27°C) with less diurnal range variation.
Elevation 15 to 400 ft. (4.6 to124 m)
Rainfall Lowest in Napa Valley: 18 to 24 inches (7.2 to 9.6cm) annually.
Soils Clay dominated, very shallow in general, with more loam and hillside alluvials in the northern section. Yields typically are restrained by the hard claypan subsoil, which prevents deep-rooting.
Total Area 11,000 acres (45 km2)
Size of planted vineyards 1,500 acres (6 km2)
Varietals and characteristics Chardonnay: minerally pear-apple and spice flavors. Merlot: sinewy and lightly herbal, with fine tannins and sleek structure. Pinot Noir: ripe cherry-cinnamon spice flavors with earthy notes.