Our Code of Honor

Professional ethics and integrity are at the core of the hospitality business. As Concierges, Tour Guides and Associated Hospitality Members, we are constantly in the public eye and therefore have a responsibility to serve our guests, businesses, community and each other with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

The sanctity of the Concierge Alliance is deeply rooted in trust, sharing, and honoring one’s self and each other as professionals and humans. As a member of the Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma County (CANV/CASC) you are bound by your word to conduct business in an ethical and honorable manner.

We as an organization ascribe to honorable behavior. We as CANVAS Members agree to:

  • Respect that CANVAS membership is extended to individuals for that individual’s use only and that your CANVAS website password is not be shared with any other individuals. If we find a member sharing their password and thus violating the trust of CANVAS, that member’s membership will be revoked at the discretion of the Founder.
  • Always respect the integrity and honesty in performing their professional duties and responsibilities.
  • Protect the interest of the organization and clients and will neither participate in nor condone any activities that are either illegal or unethical.
  • Only enter into agreements or participate in activities that are not in conflict or appear to be in conflict with the legitimate interests of their clients(s).
  • Always use the entire breadth of resources available to the guest they serve, including and outside of CANVAS Members.
  • Always observe the confidentiality of the information obtained while performing their duties and insure privacy except where required by law. Associated Hospitality Members will respect the client relationship between concierge members and their clients, and will not directly solicit business from, or share information about, that client.
  • Not share confidential or sensitive information about clients, either through gossip or by volunteering information that can damage the trust and privacy of the client.
  • Engage in behavior that will enhance the reputation of the business with which they are affiliated, the CANVAS organization and ensure personal conduct will be such to reflect in a positive way on the member.
  • Embrace acceptance and inclusiveness of all in our profession and all in our communities. Discrimination of any kind cannot be tolerated.
  • Never demand goods or services from businesses, vendors, restaurants, etc., for personal enrichment.
  • Always keep the best interest of the clients in mind. Products or services should never be recommended on the basis of benefit to the CANVAS member.
  • Not accept financial gains from vendors unless it is entirely transparent and available to all members of the same class.
  • When accepting vendor invitations not impose by bringing a guest that was not explicitly invited, or by requesting an exception.
  • When accepting vendor invitations graciously consider the cost of items they consume, and not take advantage of a host’s hospitality.
  • Always leave a tip commensurate with the actual cost of the items consumed. This applies to any services received for which it is customary to tip unless specifically told otherwise by the establishment’s owner or manager. These include, but are not limited to; restaurants, hotels, tours, spa and massage services, limousines, hair salons, etc.
  • Never give invitations intended for CANVAS Members to others.
  • Always thank a host prior to departure and follow up soon thereafter with a personally written note or email thank you.
  • Dress in business appropriate attire while performing professional duties or in a professional capacity, and maintain a well-groomed appearance.
  • Always follow up on requests, inquiries, and invitations in a timely manner.


Any member reported to be violating this code of ethics, and/or any member who is reported to have conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner which may disgrace their employer, guests, the CANVAS organization or their respective professional groups may be subject to membership review by the CANVAS Advisory Council.